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Santorini Donkey Tour & Mule Ride

Donkeys and mules in Santorini are part of the native charm of the island and can be loads of fun. They mostly carry visitors from the old harbor to the principal town Fira. Lately brides prefer donkeys also to take them to the wedding location traditionally or have a little ride after their wedding.
The first question tourist ask us when they arrive at the old harbor, is if they can ride the donkeys up to the Principal Town Fira. Yes they can ride the donkeys up to Fira and the cost is 5 Euros per person. There is no need to book this service in advance. There is a rumor that they are not very clean but this is not true. Donkey owners take good care of them and keep donkeys very clean.
Children are waiting anxiously their turn to ride the mules and the experience stays in their minds forever. The donkey loves children. While there are a few exceptions, the donkey is not usually a biter or kicker. They have the patience of Job and therefore are ideally suited to being around children. Although mules are extremely adept at negotiating the steps, but they do have a tendency to go very fast and take the bends like racing cars. Of course there are also donkey drivers who are usually more excited from the tourists because they have done it a thousand times! So, they might play with you but be confident, the mule will never let you down! Donkeys and mules are very friendly with you! It is a really joy riding them up to Fira or from Ia Village to Ammoudi Harbour.

The other choice is the cable car that travels up the path and in three minutes time you're comfortably in the beautiful town of Fira, Santorini capital, which is at the altitude of 220 meters. But I insist that nothing compares with the donkey ride!!! A memory that will last forever.
 Ten years ago the Swiss-made cable car, also known as the "teleferique," made its appearance. It was a gift from the wealthy Santorini ship owner Nomikos. This made things easier for tourists who had luggage to carry with them as the mules were overworked. Of course the mule owners didn't lose much because a  percentage of the money earned from the cable car is given to the mule owners.

You can book a tour, a ride with a mule, donkey or a horse simply by sending an email to us or



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