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Santorini travel web is full of Santorini Island infoaramtion of history, santorini private tours, Volcano boat tours and  santorini wedding packages incliding holels and accommodation.

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What is Santorini known for?
Santorini Known for the blue churches the caldera view which is on the west side of the Island and combine the unforgettable sunsets and the view of the active Santorini volcano which is on the middle of the Caldera surround by the the blue Santorni ocean  

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Do you need a car in Santorini?
Most visitors to Santorini rent either a car, a quad bike/ATV or a scooter to get around. Public transport is an option but the buses are often very crowded. Santorini is stunning and there are beautiful sights to See around the island.

Santorini transportation

Rent a private driver

How expensive is Santorini?
Santorini travelers have spent, on average, €30 on meals for one day and €15 on local transportation. Also, the average hotel price in Santorini for a couple is €80  So, a trip to Santorini for two people for one week costs on average €1,400

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Travel to Santorini which is one of the most romantic Island of Greece. You can come to Santorini via ferry boats from Athens, which takes 9 hours and the ticket cost 40 Euros and up. Or you can come via Airplane and the cost is 70 Euros and up!


Santorini offer all kinds of boat trips
you can sail around Santorini, take a day Boat trip to the Volcano, swim in the Hot springs, enjoy a Sunset Cruise to Oia. Yachting packages combining ‘Weddings and events On Boar day time or during Santorini sunset.


See Santorini in one day is the best ( best seller) 5 hours private tour for clients that comes to Santorini with cruise ships and they only stay in Santorini for 1 day. New and no smoking vehicles for small and big groups are available all year around for private santorini tours 

Santorini Weddings 
Stunning sunsets for unforgettable wedding Events

 A thousand wedding sunsets, a thousand memories, a thousand heartbeats, colors of blue red & gold streaking the sky… this is Santorini island…Nothing can quite describe… the unsurpassed magic of Santorini.START PLANING YOUR WEDDING NOW
Or take a Photography Tour on the best Santorini locations


Santorini Travel Services

Don’t take our word for it – here’s what our clients say:

Santorini Private Tours

5 hours tour ( best seller tour )
Santorini private tours for Cruise ships clients that come to Santorini for one day.

Santorini Car and Driver

Low cost private driversTravel Santorini with Santorini private drivers on a new and not smoking fully Air condition cars

Group Transportation

Car and Driver is include
Professional Santorini photographer will take your pictures on the best locations 

Santorini Water Taxxi

Car and Driver is includeProfessional Santorini photographer will take your pictures on the best locations 

Santorini Travel

How do you get to Santorini?

There are two ways to access Santorini from Athens, the capital of Greece. You can travel either by plane (Athens International Airport “Eleftherios Venizelos”) or by ferryboat (Piraeus Port)

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