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Fira Santorini

Fira is the capital of Santorini. It can be found on the west coast of the island, on the caldera cliffs opposite the volcano. Fira is the most crowdy of Santorini as it is the capital of the island. It can be reached by the cable car or the mules from Skala port. Moreover, the passengers of the cruises ships which anchor in the sea between Nea Kameni and Santorini, are transferred to the port by small boats and then to Fira. Alternatively, people can arrive at Athinios port by ferry and then by bus or by car to the centre of Fira. Athinios port is located to the south of Fira and it is connected to the city via an upward curving road.

Once having exited the cable car station, on the top of the cliff, one gets lost in the narrow streets of the city which look like a labyrinth to the foreigners! Cobblestone streets with small shops make the city centre colorful and full of life during the summer.

A great part of Fira hotels have been built on the cliff of caldera, taking advantage of the view to the caldera from that high altitude. The terraces of the hotel and the recreation area of Fira (cafes, restaurants etc) are preferred by the visitors especially during the sunset when everybody the most magnificent sunset view from the top of the caldera.

Modern day Fira is the cultural and commercial center of the Santorini. Although geared around the tourist industry, perhaps more so than other areas on the island, there is much about Fira worth taking a look at.

Apart from the museums, galleries and cultural events, it has the island’s largest shopping center and the biggest choice of dining out and entertainment. Fira heads the nightlife section – many bars and cafes are actually on the caldera, whilst others, as well as the large clubs, are tucked into the quaint cobbled streets weaving through the town.

There is so much to choose from and so many places to explore. The whole of the Fira Caldera is connected by a path at the cliff edge that starts just above the Mayor’s office and finishes up on the hill at the Nomikos Conference center. The volcano can be seen from every point, as can the mesmerizing sunsets. Sunset time in Santorini seems to be the only hour of the day when everything, and everyone stops moving …

fira santorini

The north side of Fira centre, known as Frangomachalas (also known as neighborhood of the French or Catholic neighborhood), is composed of mansions built in the last centuries, such as Gyzi Hall which dates back to the 17th century AD and nowadays is used as a cultural centre. Directing to the northwest, along the caldera, one can reach Nomikos Conference Centre where copies of the wall paintimgs found in Akrotiri, are hosted.

Fira Catholic Convents at the french neighborhood

This neighborhood hosts also a Cathedral, Lazaristes’ Monastery, and the Dominican Convent which was founded in 1596. Initially, the Convent had been built on Sakros but was transferred to Fira in 1811 when the habitants of Skaros quit the castle and moved to the island. The church of the Convent is devoted to the Virgin of Rosary and it is located to the left wing of it. The architectural style consists of a combination of baroque and Cycladic elements.

Some meters away, there is also one of the most important Convents of the island inhabited by the Sisters of Mercy in the past. Before the earth quake (1956) it housed a school, a hospital and the nuns’ surgery. Nowadays, a part of the Convent has been restored and it houses a guesthouse, a rug workshop and the offices of the Catholic parish of the island.

The area of the other side (to the south) is known as Kato (down) Fira and it is much less crowdy than the city centre. The buildings have been built perimetrically the two picturesque chapels of Saint Minas and Saint John. There is a narrow street from where one can see the old pumice mines.

Fira Port

The Fira port of Santorini is at the bottom of the Caldera cliffs in Fira. The little harbour has restaurants, taverns and small shops. To reach the old port, you can walk down the 600 stone steps, hop on a mule or take the Cable Car which leaves from the top part of the Fira caldera.

The large cruise liners drop anchor at Ormos and the passengers are ferried to shore in small boats. One can spot small fishing boats, the kaikia’ as well as several pleasure boats that depart daily to the volcano ‘Nea Kameni’, the Hot Springs at ‘Palia Kameni’, Thirassia island and Oia for the sunset.

Perhaps the only way to realise what Santorini is, and where you really are, is to experience the island from the foot of the Caldera cliffs, and the best way to do that is from the sea

Fira is the cultural and commercial center of Santorini. It’s located on the west coast of the island. The town of Fira is a typical Cycladic village made of charming white houses with blue windows and doors, separated from each other, by small paved streets full of souvenir shops, clothes shops, jewelry and art shops.

Its spectacular location, 200m above the sea level, built on the edge of Santorini cliffs makes it very popular among other travel destinations. Fira hosts luxurious hotels, most of them built on the edge of the village, offering a fantastic view of Santorini sunset, the volcano, Thirassia Island and of the cliffs that stretch along the west coast.

Some of the restaurants in Fira are considered as luxurious and some other as traditional. They are located at the edge of the village just before the cliff and some in the center of Fira offering an amazing sunset view.

There are many 18th century buildings, Archaeological Museums which host archaeological findings from all over the island and from the most spectacular archaeological sites of the island.

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Transfer from Santorini Aiport to Fira

Santorini Airport (JTR) is 5,5 kilometres away from Fira. Transfer time is ~10 minutes. Price rates from Fira to the airport and vice versa start from 25.50€.

Transfer from Santorini Port (Athinios Port) to Fira

Santorini Port is 8,5 kilometres away from Fira. Transfer time is ~20 minutes. Price rates from Fira to the airport and vice versa start from 35.8€.


10 Best Things to Do in Fira

Things to in Fira? Here are the ten best ones and many other tips

Fira is Santorini’s capital and the biggest, busiest and most cosmopolitan city on the island.

It has a great combination of natural beauty and social activities, with plenty of restaurants, cafes & bars, important museums, many boutiques, souvenir shops, entertainment venues and lively nightlife. To top it all, Fira is located in the very center of Santorini and everything is close by.

In Fira you can find whitewashed villas, blue domed churches, cave style hotels with terraces and infinity pools on the edge of the cliff that provide astonishing views of the Agean Sea.




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