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How expensive is Santorini

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How expensive is Santorini

Santorini is not expensive if you know where to stay and where to eat and drink. Most of the hotels and restaurants over looking the Volcano and the sunset by Caldera side is very expensive, of course the view and the service is the best of all country of Greece and that is why is more expensive leaving and dining on the west side of Santorini. ( you pay extra for the location )

The average hotel per night in Santorini is 150 Euros but it is possible to stay in Santorini on a budget; just follow these five key pieces of money-saving advice.

Don’t Visit in the Summer time

The busiest time of the year to Visit Santorini and the most expensive is the months of June July and August and those months are the hottest time of the Island.


Best Time to Visit Santorini: The off-season and shoulder season months of March, April, and early May and October and November see the mildest temperatures and the lowest prices. Flights from Athens to Santorini on a budget airline such as Aegean Air reach 120 euros (or about $130 USD) in July but are only 65 euros (or $70 USD) in October which is almost the half price. The same way the hotels prices goes, in the hight season is very expensive and on the low season thar I have mention above is half of price.

Santorini Villages to Stay

Oia Village is the most popular town on Santorini — with iconic blue and white churches and the best sunset perches on the island — is the most expensive (and crowded). So, if you want a hotel with a view and unforgeteble sunsets, be prepare to pay an expensive room which you will have the best Santorini services but the average of those caldera hotels in the high season ( June, July andAugust ) starts from 250 euros and up to 2000 Euros and even more expensive in some of those Oia Hotels.

Alternative Accommodation in Santorini : Instead of staying in oia you can comfortably and luxury Stay in the capital of Santorini which is  Fira on Imerovigli, where you can easily take a 25-minute bus ride over to Oia to catch the sunset before heading back for the town’s lively nightlife scene. Alternatively hotels to stay on the opposite end of the island in the East side of the Island on the town of Karterados,( 10  minutes walking distance to Fira )  Kamari beach ( black sandy beach )  or on the southern town of Perissa, where you can also access a black sand beach and plenty of budget hotel and hostel options.

Santorini Transportation : Regular Santorini taxis and private taxi cabs are hassle-free option for getting around, but you can easily spend hundreds of euros on taxis alone by the time your trip is complete. Also all the private services and tours in Santorini are a lot more expensive from the public tours. for example for a semi private boat tour with Catamaran sailing boat the cost for half day tour is 125 – 135 euros per person. With the public 3 hours boat tour to the Volcano the price start at 20 euros.

Instead of private transportation: Take the affordable (and safe) public bus, which will drop you anywhere on the island. Alternatively, rent a scooter, ATV or rent a car ( renting a car is the best way to go around Santorini )

cliffside restaurant santorini

Avoid Cliffside Restaurants

Sure, the most jaw-dropping views are from the cliffs, but the restaurants here will charge around 30% more than inland restaurants.

Instead: For a more authentic and less expensive meal, head inland. For example, the family-run watter front Taver in Monolithos beach Galini serves fresh fish, traditional Greek moussaka, grape leaves, and fresh-caught fish at a reasonable price. Falafeland in Fira is another great option for grab-and-go gyros. When in doubt, go where the locals go.

Skip The Pricey Tours

If you want to save money, we recommend only paying for private tours that would otherwise be difficult to organize yourself, like a half-day tour to see the whole island in one day (around $135 per person USD with Thira Tours).

Instead: Do it yourself! A two-euro bus ride is all it takes to access the island’s beautiful beaches, the Minoan ruins of Akrotiri, and the sun-kissed village of Oia.