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Oia Santorini

The traditional village of oia (Ia), located on the north part of Santorini, high above on a cliff of the caldera, the Settlement is known for its view of the Caldera and sunset, and its traditional small cave houses that are built into the side of the cliffs of oia Santorini. Oia (Ia) is a resort in Santorini which many visitors spend their vacation into the village of Oia (Ia), accommodated at the many hotels of the Oia (Ia), which are build at the caldera and are overlooking the volcano and the beautiful sunset.

Oia (Ia) is the first settlement in Greece identified as preserved. A walk through the scenic small paths of oia (Ia) is something which worth it to do. Some unique characteristics of Oia (ia) it’s the houses which carved into the cliffs of the settlement with the Cycladic architecture and the quite alleyways. These kind of houses are can be found only in Oia (Ia), because of the particular kind of ground of the village Oia (Ia).

Oia (Ia) Santorini: Oia, pronounced ” Ia”, (or “Apano Meria” for the local Greeks) is the most famous of all the villages of the island and the most picturesque village of Santorini… From the traditional village of Oia (Ia) is the most popular point on the island of Santorini for to watch the famous sunset, of oia. Every evening people gather from all the places of Santorini into the caldera to see that.

Just below Oia (Ia) and in the surrounding areas there are two small traditional ports, (214 steps for Ammoudi and 286 steps for Armeni). Beneath of Oia (Ia) into the Amoudi, is located one of the most finest tradition area of Santorini. The area of Oia (Ia) also provides a plethora of hotels known as: Oia hotels, shops where you can buy souvenirs and traditional artwork from Santorini, cafés, tavernas and restaurants which all of them have a marvelous view of the volcano, Oia (Ia). We recommend to make a visit to all these areas of Oia Santorini. Oia Map

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