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Santorini photoshoot dress

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Santorini photoshoot dress

There is high demand for Santorini flying dress photoshoot. Travel bloggers, Instagram influences, and women from all over the globe travel to Santorini only to do a flying dress photoshoot here. In combination with the affordable photoshoot  price, this kind of photography has flooded social media.

santorini flying dress photoshoot price

You’ve been seeing them all over the place: those gorgeous pictures of women looking like goddesses in flowing colorful dresses in Greece. They look amazing as they effortlessly stand beside Santorini’s famous blue domes with the wind lifting their unbelievably long trains feet into the air.

santorini photoshoot dress

Santorini island is heaven for any photographer, and even more for flying dress photoshoot. From it’s stunning skyline to its whitewashed houses and the iconic Blue Domed churches, the island is just waiting to be captured. Women love to take flying dress pictures on the white rooftops of the rim houses. Even for me, as an experienced professional photographer in Santorini, I’m often surprised by their bravery to stand right on the edge of the Caldera cliffs. Also, the Blue Domed Churches are iconic highlights here in Santorini and stunning photo locations for flying dress photography.

Things know:

  1. You don’t  necessarily need to bring your own dress.

We have over 40 dresses for you to pick from

2. We all ways someone to help us with your dress photo shooting

3. There’s a lot of climbing involved.

To get those beautiful shots overlooking the water or up by the beautiful blue domes takes a bit of climbing. I had to stand on ledges, hop over locked gates, and scale walls to get some of my shots. You’d think I was breaking and entering rather than having photoshoot ! But it was certainly worth it for the shots I got. Note that if you are afraid of heights, this might be a little challenging for you. You can still get some shots without climbing, however they might not be as scenic as others that are taken from higher up.

4. Need a deposit and pay the palance after we finish

5. The turnaround time is pretty slow.

We make sure you will get the pictures in 10-15 days after the shoot. You can request to have your pictures back in sooner for a fee.


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