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Santorini Travel Photographer

Santorini Travel Photographer 

– Santorini Travel Photo Tours – 

Santorini Travel Photographer tours on the best photography locations of the Island

– Santorini Photo Tours –

Santorini travel Photographer will take beautiful pictures on a photography while you travel in Santorini Island

If you don’t have time to organize your wedding in Santorini or if you just like to take beautiful pictures while you are on the Island with your love ones,  we offer you a photo session service that last 2 – 3 hours. We will drive you to the most extraordinary Santorini locations, to take your photos.

You can wear your wedding dress and have a fantastic result of Santorini contrast between the white and the blue colors of the Island.

The cost: For 2 – 3 hours photo session the cost is 300 Euros

This price Include: Car and  photographer driver, to drive you around the most beautiful locations of the Island.

We will take about 300 – 350 pictures and all of them it will be on the CD full size unlock, so you can print them if you like after you go back home.

Time for the pictures:  Most of the times you will get all the photos on the same day. If not, we will delivered to you at your hotel, the next day.

Payments: We except cash, visa and master cards, we will ask you for 100 Euros deposit and you will pay the balance after our service.

Notes:  We  guarantee fully satisfaction of our services. If you are not happy with our service you don’t pay anything, we give you the photos for free

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santorini travel photographer

Regular Photo tour with out dress code:

If you just like to explore the Island with out getting dress as a groom and a Bride, but you still like to take your partner or the whole family for professional pictures around the Island, the tour will last 5 hours.

santorini travel photographer

We will starts at 10 am and will cost you 300 euro for 2-4 people and each extra person will cost 50 euro extra.

Among other places you will visit, will be Oia village that is a dream for every photographer and Fira town that have amazing and breathtaking views, Winery, etc. This is not a fixed program as our aim is your pleasure so upon your arrival we will make the program. You will see the entire island you will just decide where you want to spend more time and in the meantime you can shop, swim, have lunch, visit archeological sites if open and do anything you like. Please note that Akrotiri will remain closed!

If you wish to proceed with your photo tour, please click here and fill out our booking form, and send it back to us via fax or email.

We require 100 euro as a deposit and you pay the balance in cash euro or credit card after we finish the photo session.

If you wish to cancel, it has to be done 2 days before the tour, otherwise you will be charged the full amount and the same if you don’t show. You will not be charged if the weather will not allow you to come off shore or if there is a mechanic problem with the ship! If this will be the case, the port authority here sends us an official fax confirming your situation so you will be covered.

Once I will receive the form, I will officially confirm your Photo tour in Santorini. Please inform us the final number for passengers at least 1 week before the tour.

Thank you for your precious time

Nikos Sirigos

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