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Santorini wedding planners that offer best santorini wedding packages if you like to ask how much a wedding in Santorini cost. Some of the wedding packages include  accommodation and transportation in Santorini. As official Santorini wedding planners they have gather some of the most important information about Santorini weddings as well as the most active wedding planners in Greece with great wedding planing reputation and very good reviews

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Santorini Wedding Planners With Official Santorini Town Hall Licenses 

santorini wedding planners santorini wedding planners santorini wedding planners  is the official Santorini wedding company and they can assist you with anything you might need for your wedding day in Santorini SantoriniWeddings.NET  Wedding Venues in Santorini Whether you are looking for a traditional church scenery with breathtaking views to the volcanoes and the blue sea if you would like to ask how much a wedding in Santorini cost here are the wedding planners that they can assist you fo rthe best wedding packaages



Experience a dream wedding events in Ios, Greece. Couples are welcome to celebrate the most beautiful day of their lives with their family and friends in one of the three private beach estates available and turn their wedding reception into a collection of unparalleled memories.

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All the documents above ( accept the passports )   need to be With APOSTILLE stamp and Translated in Greek  from the Greek Embassy in your country.

*If you are not EU citizens We also need an extra document from your country’s embassy in Athensto certify that you are free to marry and this document should be certified (and translated if it is issued in Greek) by the Greek Ministry Foreign Affairs in Athens.

*If you have married before we need a copy of the divorce papers from the court, translated in Greek as well.

*We need the copies of the documents by FAX OR E MAIL at least 20-30 days before the wedding day, to print the Licenses of Marriage.

*We remind you that as soon as you arrive in Santorini we have to visit the Town hall with the original certificates ( with translations in Greek ) and the passports as well.


After the wedding:
After the wedding ceremony has be performed the couple have a legal obligation to register the wedding at the local council within 4 days, failure to do so will result in the marriage having no validity.

Please note that the paperwork that you provide to the Santorin authorities ( Town Hall )  is NOT returned to you after the wedding, they are kept on record.

♦For more information about legal wedding documents for different countries go in to one of our wedding planners information page Here

♦Or you can have a symbolic wedding ceremony

A Symbolic wedding is exactly the same as a legal wedding and it is addressed to those who have difficulty gathering their legal documentation according to the Greek requirements or for those who are already married and they wish to renew their vows.

So, in case you have no time to gather the documents for a legal wedding, or the cost for gathering your documents is too high for you, or if you wish to have a vow renewal, a Symbolic wedding is the solution for you.

The ceremony it is exactly the same as the legal wedding and it will be performed by the celebrant who does the legal weddings so none of your guests will know the difference as there is confidentiality between you and our agency.

Please note that you don’t have to be married in advance to have a Symbolic wedding in Santorini.

You can see all the Symbolic Wedding Packages I have prepared for your case that cost less than the Legal Wedding Packages, since in your case there are no documentation fees involved, by clicking each package below.

Santorini Town hall Phone number: 2286022231


Wedding Planners | Wedding packages | wedding documents

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