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Thirassia Island Greece

Thirasia Island is a sister island of Santorini and is one of the five islands that where created for the Volcano Explosion back in 1.600 BC: Thirasia was part of Santorini until 235 BC, when a great eruption separated them, turning it into an exotic rocky island. Nowadays, it offers many beautiful landscapes and amazing natural spots almost untouched by human activity.

The island of Thirassia is located in close proximity to Santorini and, in fact, it was once a part of it. The volcanic eruption that happened at around 1500 B.C. broke Santorini into many pieces and Thirassia emerged as one of those. Thirassia is today a virgin island, still untouched by tourism and modern lifestyle. The island of Thirassia is only 9 sq. km in size and has only one hundred and fifty permanent inhabitants. Manolas village is the capital of Thirassia. Other settlements include Korfos, Riva and Potamos. Manolas has small, picturesque houses painted in various colors. The virgin beaches and the pure nature are the main attractions of Thirassia. A walk through villages can also be a wonderful experience, as in front of the houses there are big gardens with colorful blossoms. From Manolas, you can trek to the Monastery of the Assumption of the Virgin. Apart from this monastery, there are other twenty churches on Thirasia. Each year, on September 21st, there is a feast to honor the Virgin Mary. Other places to visit there are some hot springs. There are quite a few places to stay on Thirassia. However, the food in the local taverns is very nice and authentic Greek cuisine can be tasted in the taverns and cafes. In summer, daily boat trips are organized between Santorini and Thirasia.

Santorini view from Thirassia Island

Santorini view from Thirassia Island

A breath away from Santorini island, lies the tiny islet of Thirassia. It is very close to Oia, but still remains a separate world. Often referred as “Santorini in its smaller form”, it can be reached by the organized boat tours to the volcano area, departing from Santorini. The islet is surrounded by high rock formations, less sheer than those of Santorini and climbing them is a must-do experience! One can walk the 250 steps from the port, but if it’s too hot, you can choose alternatively to ride a mule. In either ways, you will definitely enjoy the amazing view en route.

The best part comes once you reach the top, the view from up there is just breathtaking, especially on sunset! The first settlement one meets after climbing the rocky hills is Manolas, the main village of the islet. Manolas offers the scenic features of a typical Greek village and a few taverns with traditional dishes and drinks.

For a refreshing sea dip, you can swim on the pebbly beach next to the small harbour. Next, you can pay a visit to the church of Agia Irini which is said to have given Santorini its current name (Santa Irini – Santorini).