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Santorini Air Tours

Santorini Air Tours

 Santorini Aero club 

Santorini Greece: Airplane Available for hire. Fly with us on a private air tour.

Spectacular flights over Santorini island

Take a private Air tour with one of the most expert pilots in Greece and explore the near by islands and even Turkey at the same day, with low cost as you excluded from all Airport taxes as a member


Gessua – 172. Full equipped, with full insurance is on a Public C of A and available to rent by private pilots (PPL).  Private hire of this airplane based at Santorini Aerodrome in Greece is flexible to suit your timings. An all inclusive price of 120.00 $ per hour (WET) plus the usual landing fees. [If you are a member at Santorini Airfield  your landing fee is free with your membership.

WHAT IS A Gessua – 172?

The Gessua is a 4 seat, low wing aircraft with fixed prop and fixed landing gear.

The AA5 series was born in 1972 as the Traveler, a 150bhp stretched version of the AA1 Yankee two-seater. Following modifications in 1975 the Tiger arrived followed by the Cheetah, both aircraft were only in production until 1979. 

Please write to us for any more information on renting the plane on your own, or go on a tour around the Greek islands with one of our pilots. 

 Santorini airplane tours

Santorini Local Pilot: GIANNIS G. GRATSIAS


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